I really need to get in contact with some people on WA and have some groups to join and have been waiting for interoperability to get going so I don’t have to use zuck’s app . But the said date march has long passed and I can’t find shit on it or why it didn’t happen anywhere . I have yesterday downloaded the apk from WA’s official site and is in half a heart to install it . I know everything I say there should be considered public but besides that and the app knowing my IP and contacts is there any hidden data collection I should be aware of ? Or should I wait some more which I don’t think I can as am loosing patience lol . Also will it even be global or support apps that are really privacy focused unlike the usual suspects like TG or signal ?

Edit : Seems like I have to suck up to Meta as our lizard lord intended . As WhatsApp is ad free (to my knowledge) it is all but confirmed they are selling data . In my opinion Meta is more evil than google as google is at least taking some hits and hosting things on lose that we can access without making them a dime (newpipe -youtube, google search engine - unlock with firefox) and they fund Firefox and maintain AOSP, meanwhile all meta do is making their service a thing which we can’t leave and steal fuckin everything they do absolutely no good whatsoever and have no redeeming qualities and people or laws don’t give them enough shit for it . People may say “if you don’t like meta just don’t use it” well guess what we can’t stop it as almost everything needs their platforms nowadays . Sorry that turned into a rant figured .