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  • It’s one of those things where some changes can be pretty easy with minimal fuss and they work essentially the same, switching away from Chrome for example.

    But some things are very involved and take a lot of work, and experience will suffer because features will be missing or the alternatives are buggier. Trying to switch to Matrix instead of Discord and Telegram for example was something I gave up on really quickly, it’s just not there yet for me.

    Lemmy is kind of in the middle for me, usability is generally as good as reddit, but instances are often slow or down so comments/replies don’t post properly, images will load slowly, videos often not at all.

  • I mean there’s that, but it’s a lot of work for a dev too.

    I would rather Linux just be able to detect what’s missing and install it for me. In the case of a lot of missing components, what it says is missing will be named completely different from the package you need to install which makes it really hard.

    It was always nice with windows installers because they would come with the needed components, or windows would just prompt to install them automatically.

    I guess that’s essentially what Flatpak solves!